2008-11-11 19:54:05 ET

It is 9:30pm here and it is raining, with the promise of more rain to come in the future.
Got to love winters in Seattle. Rainy, but hey, it isn't cold. Well, I lost my job October 28, and I have
been looking for a new job since then. I have had some good interviews, but now i guess it is time for the waiting
game, and hope that one of them turns out. I am so tired of waiting. I hate not having any money, I hate not
having an income, I hate not having a job. I really do hope I get a call back soon...

And as far as Al's music store went, Fuck that place. What a shitty, shady, dead end pawnshop piece of shit music shop.

Seattle has sure been frustrating when looking for work so far. I do hope things turn in my favor soon.

2008-11-11 19:57:29 ET

yeah the job market in lots of places is stupid right now.

and i guess seattle isn't cold in the winter by montana standards ;-P

2008-11-11 20:00:26 ET

it was 58 degrees today. been in the high 50's for the past few days. ya, the job market seems to suck everywhere right now as far as i can tell.

2008-11-11 20:01:36 ET

it snowed at least a half a dozen times last winter and got damn cold for me, being used to cali weather ;-P

2008-11-11 20:11:28 ET

pussy. ;P

2008-11-11 21:14:35 ET

yeah well ):<

2008-11-11 21:53:53 ET

>:) not literally

2008-11-11 22:02:58 ET

temperatures below 50 are not comfortable!

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