Drinking Tea at Sureshot.    2009-02-27 21:46:52 ET
That is what I am doing. Go me.

Sureshot. Go there. Its good.

Check it out.

 Contemplating..    2009-02-26 20:48:12 ET
I am thinking about taking a course at Kaplan College for PC repair Technician. Seems to be a big demand for that now, since everyone seems to be holding onto their equipment nowadays.

I figure, "Well, I have built,repaired and refurbished PCs as a hobby for years, might as well see if I can make some money with it.". Wish me luck.
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 sureshot + pac-man    2009-02-24 22:25:31 ET
after work i went to sureshot coffee shop. it is a coffee shop in the u. district. when i was there i had a very interesting discussion with some guy about pac-man, asteroids and other old video arcade games of the early 1980's. it was good stuff.

 Frustrated.    2009-02-21 20:42:47 ET
Stressed out. Tired of being stressed out.

 If you are in Missoula...    2009-02-20 21:29:04 ET
You Must Be Here on March 6th.

Poster by Ice Moon Graphics


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