2009-02-21 20:42:47 ET

Stressed out. Tired of being stressed out.

2009-02-21 20:45:07 ET

i'm tired of being tired.

2009-02-21 20:46:54 ET

hope you can chillout!

2009-02-21 20:48:47 ET

he just needs to eat more pineapple.

2009-02-21 20:52:04 ET

one apple a day
keeps the doctor away!
but i don´t like apple all day, pineapple are great!

2009-02-21 21:08:25 ET

actually, jon enjoys doing unholy things to pineapple.

2009-02-21 21:25:02 ET

pineapple snuff films are the shitz.

2009-02-21 21:25:34 ET

yeah. they sure get me thorny.

2009-02-21 21:32:52 ET

they get you all the same. my work here is done.

2009-02-21 21:34:22 ET

y'know, thinking about pineapple snuff got me thinking about that hairdo of yours..

2009-02-21 22:03:10 ET

äh, okay.

2009-02-21 22:08:35 ET

yeah, many pineapples were sacrificed for it. and i need to put up new pics. those ones are OLD.i havn't had spikey hair for some time now.

2009-02-21 22:09:40 ET

sinoxxx - thank u for the words of encouragement.:)

2009-02-21 22:18:08 ET

put up new pics for my perverse needs. kthx.

2009-02-24 22:41:58 ET

and how

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