who here on Sk lives in Seattle?
2009-02-06 22:55:12 ET

I would love to meet some new people here.
It would be awesome.


2009-02-07 00:55:45 ET

off the top of my head, shinigami and suhleapdevil are both from montana and live there, johnnycakes lives there, and so does jodicatastrophe - and im too lazy to create links so you'll just have to copy/paste them after 'subkultures.net/' d-;

2009-02-13 18:28:18 ET

i live in seattle. it's why i haven't been on lately.

2009-02-15 13:12:05 ET

is that so? whereabouts are you in seattle?

2009-02-16 06:21:25 ET

i'm not really in seattle. i'm still got some self respect :P

2009-02-16 16:24:33 ET

revshade is the bearer of lies and broken dreams!

2009-02-17 19:23:23 ET

yep. guess that makes me jesus, eh?

2009-02-17 20:15:30 ET

sounds about right

2009-02-17 20:33:43 ET

then obey your lord. buttsecks. now.

2009-02-19 09:39:33 ET

jesus is my buddy, not my lord ):

2009-02-20 04:36:13 ET

buddy jesus wants between your buttcheeks.

2009-02-20 10:27:30 ET

how strange that i just mentioned baby buttsex on that other entry of mine!

2009-02-20 10:28:47 ET

buddy jesus is psychic!

2009-02-20 10:35:06 ET

baby buddy jesus buttsex deluxe!

2009-02-20 10:37:00 ET

calm down there, trigger.

2009-02-20 10:40:38 ET


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