I got it.
2009-03-12 20:04:50 ET

I got the job at Gargoyle's I posted about earlier. I train saturday for it. :) *Is very happy about that.*

I am super.

2009-03-12 20:23:58 ET

awesome, congrats (:

2009-03-13 00:09:53 ET

you go into the goth column now, which means that if i see you contemplating what it would be like to jump from a high building, i'll push you over for fun. bungee jumping is fun, right?

2009-03-13 15:25:51 ET

This fun is only tenable when there's no 3rd person to give you a happy bungee jumping ensued.

2009-03-13 18:30:40 ET

that's what my wombat is for.

2009-03-13 19:24:34 ET

don't think id contemplate jumping from a high building. when havn't i been in the goth column?

2009-03-13 20:57:54 ET

pineapple is not a gothic fruit. it's spiny and sweet in it's industrial fury!

2009-03-13 21:55:22 ET

true, it is. i cannot argue that one. but i am pretty gothic as well.i tend to like both.

2009-03-13 21:58:48 ET

i pretty much grew out it in high school. just woke up one day, heard ministry "land of milk and honey" blasting from the neighbor's place, and sort of shifted into rivet mode. now i'm just a ppib (pale person in black).

2009-03-13 22:19:06 ET

pale person in black is a good one

2009-03-13 23:14:16 ET

yep. lets me get away with screwing with any stereotype i damned well please.

2009-03-14 11:57:35 ET

last night at das bunker i wore black dickies, reebok blacktop high-top pumps with hot pink laces, and a t-shirt with a huge printed panel of a badly translated japanese superman comic on the front of it. cause i'm so goth and so rivet all at the same time.

2009-03-14 13:16:14 ET

zomg. we have to purify you with fire and water! the graver must not reappear!

2009-03-14 16:15:49 ET

how the fuck is that outfit graver? it was more hip-hop/street than anything else d-:

2009-03-14 20:54:43 ET

you're still getting cleansed with fire and water. just in case.

2009-03-15 15:42:20 ET

only if im naked

2009-03-15 18:41:35 ET

of course! how else can we cleanse you? that'd be like wearing a swimsuit and a dive cap to a baptism. funny, but just not proper attire.

2009-03-15 19:55:05 ET

It would, however, make an exellent viral promo video.

2009-03-15 21:46:31 ET

but a promo for what? your website? you don't charge enough to cover the shoot. me? i'll work for the experience. claudia and lars? they're gonna charge you up the anus.

2009-03-16 00:10:03 ET

I don't think I would want a naked Lars being baptised promoting anything of mine. However, we could use the video to promote some fetish-based baptism porno.

2009-03-16 03:02:56 ET

oh no. lars isn't being baptized. we're gonna light him on fire and quench him in wombat menstrual blood.

2009-03-16 09:53:28 ET

thats baptism in some religions.

2009-03-16 14:34:54 ET

all religions but mine are wrong.

2009-03-16 15:41:15 ET

all religions are so right. especially in the butt.

2009-03-16 15:52:07 ET

god was an alien. it says so on the history channel, so it's true.

2009-03-16 19:02:10 ET

the history channel is only true if it is also on the internet.

2009-03-16 19:19:48 ET

try historychannel.com, nancy.

2009-03-16 19:57:33 ET

that is totally not http://n00dz.net so its not relevant to my interests in any way.

2009-03-16 21:31:47 ET

..there's nothing there. even the site is n00d.

2009-03-17 12:25:11 ET

it used to be amazing. guess you snooze, you lose.

2009-03-17 16:29:33 ET

psh. i used to work in a porn shop. you think i need to try very hard to find pron?

2009-03-17 16:49:20 ET

it wasn't pron. it was just big ascii characters that when successively clicked said n00dz! OMG! WTF!? KTHXBI. and repeated. they also sold n00dz.net merchandise such as panties.

2009-03-17 18:08:21 ET

pshh. i'd rather have panties from jenny breeden.

2009-03-18 09:31:16 ET

wouldn't we all

2009-03-18 15:29:27 ET

her parents have a meaner sense of humor than i do. her older brother is named "ben breeden".

2009-03-18 18:35:26 ET

heh. nice.

2009-03-18 19:30:12 ET

the only way things could be worse for that guy if is his last name was dover or buttrapinkittens.

2009-03-19 09:30:35 ET

i now wish to legally change my last name to buttrapinkittens.

2009-03-19 17:59:45 ET

i formally bless this.

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