I wonder...
2009-03-26 19:58:58 ET

What kind of person do you have to be in order to donate USED TOOTHBRUSHES to Goodwill?? You disgusting, uncaring degenerate, please keep your used toothbrushes at home where they belong.

2009-03-26 23:12:24 ET

so, how many did you buy?

2009-03-27 00:25:03 ET

None, we threw them all away. However, next time I can send them to you if u wish.

2009-03-27 01:46:56 ET

nah. send 'em to lars and label the box "buttplug starter kit".

2009-03-27 07:54:27 ET

What a waste....

You should sell them to pervs, tell them those were used by cute girls and charge them HIGH price.
*Nods thoughtfully*

2009-03-27 08:08:44 ET

in fact, if you take a picture of a cute girl holding them in an innocent manner, you'd make a killing in japan.

2009-03-27 11:35:46 ET

Yeah srsly.

2009-03-27 22:32:44 ET


2009-03-30 18:47:26 ET

tell them those were used by hollywood people

2009-03-30 19:07:31 ET

tell them i used them. i live only a few miles from hollywood. close enough.

2009-03-30 21:02:48 ET

Seller Jon

Photographer Marc

Cute Model Lars

2009-04-02 17:39:26 ET

that is a pretty good synopsis of how our 3-way relationship works

2009-04-07 04:03:59 ET

we need some background eyecandy. i vote for a woman. with pink strapon on her head, so she'll look like a fetish unicorn.

2009-04-07 10:17:45 ET

fetish unicorn ftw!

2009-04-07 10:31:15 ET

don't forget the fmelon!

2009-04-07 10:42:26 ET

or the FEMLON(tm)

2009-04-07 11:33:06 ET

whatev. i haven't had a full night's sleep trying to take care of some paperwork.

2009-04-07 12:41:33 ET

fmelon forevers.

2009-04-07 13:54:14 ET

i'm completely skittish feeling today. lack of nutrients and too much stress, probably. gonna go take a vitamin supplement. wee.

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