Pollen is Evil..    2009-05-17 17:28:13 ET
Working the U.District Streetfair at Goodwill & Gargoyles statuary both saturday and sunday was alot of fun. I really hate allergies though, they have plagued me both days. Talked to an old freind of mine last night on the phone. That was good as well. I like hearing from my old freinds, it gives me joy knowing that they are doing well with their lives.

 Le Awesome    2009-05-15 13:20:59 ET
I woke up today feeling crappy with a small headcold. I am glad I don't have to work today. *Is overjoyed* Well, borwsing around online, I ran into this piece of ancient internet awesomeness that made me smile.

 My table..    2009-05-12 20:20:02 ET
..At Sureshot tonight, after a long day at work, Is a fully functional Vintage TETRIS arcade game console. The one up above it is a Galaga arcade game console. =D *Is Overjoyed*

 time killer.    2009-05-11 15:01:32 ET
Dug around in some images I had taken in downtown Seattle, and forgot about.
Well, here is a picture I took, and did some editing and manipulating of. Makes for some kick ass wallpaper.

Download it http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e190/paganex/Skyscraper1.jpg

 There is Talk..    2009-05-09 19:13:42 ET
Of having a Gargoyles night at Vouge Night, and a Gargoyles night also at Rebar. What is that you ask? Its a Gargoyles staff get together, because that would be super. (:

It makes me smile.
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