Dreams...    2009-06-19 20:49:32 ET
I had a vivid dream the other night that Seattle was in chaos. Everywhere I looked, there were people just rioting, buildings on fire, cars ablaze and things of that nature.

Looking out towards downtown, you could see fire and smoke in the distance. It was like a scene out of some dark apocalyptic movie. Well, it kinda was in general, except it was a dream.

it was very interesting, yet very surreal.

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 Woo and Hoo    2009-06-15 21:37:51 ET
This is what I am doing right now.
Late night at Sureshot, Laptop, Tea...

 Costume Party..    2009-06-15 21:30:36 ET
Was a blast!! it went really well, had a packed house and the night was super.

I designed and submitted two posters for Vogue's upcoming gay pride show and food drive.

Posters by Ice Moon Graphics


 Ugh...    2009-06-09 21:34:52 ET
Came down sick at work, Worked through the whole shift. Feel like crap. ):
Hope I feel better tomorrow. (:

 The Storm..    2009-06-04 20:25:48 ET
After 4 days of unrelenting heat (wich has made working at Goodwill truely awful, since they have no air conditioning in their U.District store), I am sitting at Sureshot right now, watching a windstorm blow into Seattle with some much needed cool temperatures and rain.

A laptop i bought off ebay came in yesterday. it is much better than the one i am using now to type this. it just needs more RAM, and a new battery. I am buying both once i get paid tomorrow.

I wore a red shirt today. go me. (:

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