Ice Moon
2009-06-30 23:39:16 ET

New picture I made for a moon series of pictures I am working on. Going to be a series of Pagan full moons. (:

Picture by Ice Moon Graphics

2009-06-30 23:39:59 ET

coolness (:

2009-07-01 10:08:40 ET

that's pretty :)

2009-07-01 20:38:32 ET

Turbo: Indeed!! (:

paperdoll: Thank you!! (:

2009-07-02 10:18:24 ET

pagan??? You will burn in hell for this heathen!

2009-07-02 21:40:01 ET


2009-07-07 01:02:40 ET

ever sit down with a group of fundies and tell them where the concept of satan came from? if you're lucky, they'll wet they're pants and burst into tears.

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