good news for me.
2006-05-10 00:52:44 ET

My freind Izzy moved back here to Missoula from Great falls. Im pretty happy. I missed spending time with her. She is a wonderful woman. Seein her again surprised me. im stoked .:D:D:D

2006-05-10 02:02:38 ET

she's good people

she should get on sk!

2006-05-10 06:45:34 ET


2006-05-10 13:56:46 ET

kitten sex!

2006-05-10 16:42:28 ET


2006-05-10 18:41:38 ET

why for not!?

2006-05-10 18:42:02 ET

...because kittens don't need sex.

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