more good news
2006-05-17 16:07:16 ET

yay. i got a nice raise at work 2 days ago. i make pizza now in addition to maintenance and dishwashing. hopefully by june, i will be out of the dish pit. i am happy.

2006-05-17 16:33:00 ET

i totally want pizza now.

2006-05-17 18:55:01 ET

I just HAD pizza. XDDDDD

Anyway, CONGRATS, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. ^^ I know that dish-pits are no fun. ~__~

2006-05-17 20:41:11 ET

what pizza place do you work at?

2006-05-17 21:27:53 ET

word. i highly prefer dish cravasses to pits.

2006-05-18 08:12:11 ET


Pizza does sound good.

2006-05-18 13:27:33 ET

I work at Higgins Alley

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