2006-06-07 21:39:14 ET

Poop. The world didnt end after all on 6/6/6...what are all those fundamentalists going to do now? LOL :D

2006-06-07 21:43:14 ET

figure out a way to somehow prove that our calendar is wrong, i shouldn't wonder.

2006-06-08 02:47:09 ET

be quiet and listen....they're picking up their broken heart while sobbing.

2006-06-08 18:32:50 ET

Well, time is messed up as it is, so it's likey that 6.6.6 wasn't 6.6.6 at all. ^^

2006-06-09 00:11:53 ET

oh well....i guess we can all wait till 2012.....

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