2006-06-11 23:17:41 ET

My best freind Robin's Birthday was yesterday. She is 26 now. I called her up and wished her a happy birthday. We talked awhile more after that. It was good talking to her. It made my day.

2006-06-11 23:55:41 ET

i made your day! O-:<

2006-06-12 23:12:45 ET

yes, u did.

2006-06-13 04:30:34 ET

nah, he didn't. >:O

2006-06-13 11:46:34 ET

i made his day twice! in bed! true story.

2006-06-14 02:54:13 ET

wow.....twice, the same night?
i don't believe u~~~

unless u tell me this "amazing" true story! -(+++++++)-v

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