2006-07-27 23:29:08 ET

I turn 26 in 2 days. My birthday is in the 30th.

My day wasnt too bad today, work was easy. One of the other guys i work with showed up today, real drunk and he told off the boss. Needless to say, he got fired, So I may have to work tomorrow.

Well, I hope every1 on here is doing well. Take care and bye for now.

2006-07-28 01:06:23 ET

sounds like missoula ;-P

nice to see you update again!

2006-07-28 01:42:52 ET

nice to see u too lars

2006-07-28 04:45:31 ET

im not ready to congratulate u rite now.....

NOT YET!!!!!!! *whistles and walks away* >:O

2006-07-28 11:30:06 ET

happy early birthday!!

want me to run across the street and kick some people for making you work? because, you know, i could. it'd be fun!
i know kung fu, man.
i learned it from serving sushi.
true story.

2006-07-29 01:24:08 ET

yeah, id love it if u ran across and did sum kung-fu madness....It'd be cool.

2006-07-30 08:03:55 ET

Happy Birthday

2006-07-30 12:16:55 ET

Happy 26th! I hope your day at work tomorrow isn't too brutal.

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