2006-09-10 23:28:01 ET

A dear freind tried killing themselves last week. I have been talking to her every day and seeing her when I can. My freind Izzy has been busy here trying to pass her ASVAB test so she can join the Army. I have been hard at work trying to help them with their struggles.

That big 'tard they hired back in June at work quit. Its about time, I knew he wouldn't last long. He wasn't that good at his job anyways.

Im doing pretty well. I wish I had a fuzzy pair of slippers.

2006-09-11 01:01:24 ET

i had fuzzy slippers a long-ass time ago ;-P
no idea what happenned to them

2006-09-11 05:48:27 ET

i got like 96 on asvab. but then the navy bitched at me for being one pound over the max for my height. So I never joined cuz I couldnt lose it. Now I weigh about 10lbs below that max. hahahah......... im glad I didnt join tho now cuz I'd be in Iraq probably. ANd I probably woulda never had Chris. :P

funny how life works out.

2006-09-11 11:26:51 ET

take them...

btw, why u want a fuzzy pair of slippers?

2006-09-11 20:34:36 ET

because fuzzy slippers are so fuzzy.:P

2006-09-12 01:01:42 ET

wear them, and put on ur fuzzy nightclothes...
u can go hunting something in a mall

remember inform me so as to give u my wanting list!

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