Oh joy.
2006-10-04 11:55:52 ET

Yippy. The Rolling Stones are in town tonight. Yep, I want to get screwed on some tickets just so I can see a bunch of 60-something year old guys strut around like they are in their 20's. Oh wait, I have to work... *fake tears* Guess im going to have to miss the show.

2006-10-04 12:09:04 ET

haha...ah how i miss missoula ;-P

2006-10-04 14:22:43 ET

I can tell you're really heartbroken about it. ;)

2006-10-04 15:00:15 ET

its amazing.....to see bunch of 60 something yrs old guys (maybe older) being wildly zealous at the same time.

oxygen mask is requirement.

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