fun times.
2006-10-17 23:17:07 ET

Well let's see...I got my teeth cleaned yesterday, oh boy that is always fun.

Today I went to Target and got myself a new MP3 player finally. I went to Finnegan's tonight and I worked on a new piece of stationary. I hope to finsih it soon so I can run off come copies. :)

When I was walking home today. I saw Bluephreak walking down the sidewalk. I didnt say anything, but I knew it was her. If she reads this, "Hello" ; I shouldve said that when I saw her. It would have been courteous of me.

I hope everyone on here is having a good night. Take care all of you, and bye for now.

2006-10-17 23:21:47 ET

what kinda mp3 player you get?

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