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2006-11-03 11:31:48 ET

I did not go to work thursday. No, I wasn't fired. I woke up with a vicious headcold today. Im still in alot of pain, it is very hard for me to sleep. Well, The Samhain ceremony was a blast, I enjoyed it very much, and I got some very good information out of it. I would share it here, but it is personal. today I also printed out 60 new sheets of stationary. 20 sheets of each design. :) If anyone is here in buying some, let me know.

Well, I hope the rest of my week goes well. I look forward to it.

2006-11-04 02:52:29 ET

whats your stationery look like?

2006-11-04 10:25:27 ET

I would buy it, but I'm buying a shitload of stationery from nuclearwinter. :/

Head colds are the WORST. And they are completely unneccesary.

2006-11-04 20:02:40 ET

its all fantasy stuff, drawn by me :)

2006-11-05 00:09:24 ET

i would like to see pics!!

2006-11-05 01:12:55 ET

i will take some and put them on a site. when i do that, i will send you the link.:)

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