Isomnia sucks
2006-11-13 04:11:50 ET

I am really tired physically, but my mind will not let me sleep. I have been like this for a couple of days now. Thank god I dont have to work tomorrow. I don't know why my mind will not let me sleep. I had a good week, and presently I am very happy with myself. Every time I try and go to bed and sleep though, my mind keeps going a thousand thoughts a minute, and It is keeping me awake.

Who knows. Maybe it is things from my past bothering me, or maybe it is thoughts of about the future come to tell me of things to come. Maybe it is just the fact that I drink alot of caffine. Whatever it is....I hope I don't have to resort to sleeping pills for a good night's rest. That certainly would suck.

2006-11-13 08:46:38 ET

A good thing for a good nights rest is Melatonin. It's not a sleeping pill, it's an herbal pill that only HELPS you sleep, just makes you naturally tired, and you wake up the next day with no side effects. I take it when I need to be on a normal sleeping schedule, it's awesome.

2006-11-13 16:56:48 ET

i know how that goes...blah...i hope it gets better for you.

also, zomg! you actually posted pictures of you on here! huzzah!

2006-11-14 01:54:47 ET

yes, i did, how about that? :)

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