2006-12-30 20:58:09 ET

My website is done!!! not many designs and stuff on it yet, but i am working on that.

2006-12-31 01:28:02 ET

w00t (:
i'll put you in the links section on my myspace!

2006-12-31 01:31:35 ET

p.s. we should totally start collaborating on stuff...

2007-01-01 01:38:00 ET

yes, we should, it would be very nice to work on stuff with you.

2007-01-03 21:36:45 ET

You resemble Jeffrey Combs from Re-Animator.

2007-01-03 22:48:59 ET

heh...now that you mention it, he also looks *a lot* like ThermoXNuclear (who doesn't have any good pics of himself on his page so i'm using this one from his boom noise boom's gallery)

2007-01-04 03:03:24 ET

i don't see it, but.... JEFFREY COMBS!!!

2007-01-04 12:03:48 ET

ha...Lars, i agree w/ u. ;)

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