New Stuff..
2008-01-28 00:31:29 ET

As of late I have been trying to figure out a way to render a realistic looking Starscape / Supernova using GIMP. I figured out a way, and I think it looks pretty nice. tell me what you think. =)

2008-01-28 00:53:09 ET

KUDOs for the supernova!

if you could edited the pyramids more realistic the pic would be great.

2008-01-28 00:54:59 ET

You are right there. But what can I say the picture was more to enhance the supernova.

2008-01-28 03:23:30 ET

very pretty...

2008-01-29 17:03:06 ET

You did an excellent job on that! It's pretty darn neat. :)

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