2008-05-20 12:09:53 ET

I will be moving to Seattle come Sunday. I look forward to meeting new people and exiting new opportunities Seattle has to offer.

Two nights ago a bunch of friends threw me a going away party, it was very nice of them to do that for me, and I am really thankful to have friends that would do that for me.


2008-05-20 15:02:38 ET

wow, everyone from Montana on Sk hopped ship to Seattle

2008-05-20 16:50:36 ET

not everyone.
i'm pretty happy here.

2008-05-20 16:51:03 ET


2008-05-20 16:53:13 ET

Bluphreak...there is alot of things here to be happy for, i will miss missoula for the nice things it had.

2008-05-20 16:56:42 ET

i really don't understand why everyone has to hate on this place. it's a pretty wonderful place.

you moving with Eden? i know i remember her saying something about moving there within the week as well.

2008-05-20 16:57:40 ET

hey i went to l.a., dammit. then again i wasn't originally from montana technically speaking...not that north dakota is much different x_x

it'll be good to have more close friends in seattle for the time i have left up here (:

2008-05-20 16:58:51 ET

Sorry, 90% of the members. My bad.

I see very little that's wonderful about small cities, but that's my personal opinion.

2008-05-20 17:02:18 ET

blu: i can't handle smalltowns. humanity as a whole is my interest and i want to be in a place that's growing and progressing on a large-world scale so i can challenge myself and learn from all aspects of humanity. i don't care what anyone has to say because there's a huge difference between small towns and metropolises and small towns and the mindset that goes along with them are completely stifling to me. especially after living in a place like los angeles. people and humanity are two of my prime loves and interests. not people who want to hide from the rest of reality, which from my experience are most people in smaller places, whether they're in denial about it or not. even seattle has been an impossible adjustment for me. i like it here a lot but i don't plan on living here on the long-term either, and never had. it's too small...i thrive on huge living growing moving places. not stagnancy that's full of a bunch of neo-hippies who sit on their asses, smoke pot all day, and talk about 'the rest of the world' that they never venture into or even bother to try to change.

cities are full of many aspects of reality that suburbanites and small-towners live to hide from. suburbia is a reaction to big cities, full of people who are livig in fear of them in one form or another. i don't want to live a reactionary life...i want to live a creative one that's never stagnant and i don't want to back down from challenges - i'd rather surround myself with potential ones on a daily basis.

2008-05-20 17:04:03 ET

Bluphreak: yep, i am moving with eden and my girlfreind vicki. =)

2008-05-20 17:22:09 ET

that's great that you found your place in big cities, lars but don't lump everyone in this town together. we're not all the same. just because you had a terrible time while you lived here all of 2 years does not make this a terrible place to be. missoula is far from stagnant, especially lately. it's affordable. big enough to still meet new people but small enough to where i can feel comfortable going out by myself. i can go forward with my career without having to fight 1,000 other applicants and still be successful.

i don't mind visiting large cities but after a while, it's too much for me. i like peace and quiet. i like simplicity. i get that here. end of story.

2008-05-20 20:54:20 ET

i hate to say it but everything you said just sort of proved my point. if you're happy there that's fine. but the reasons you listed are backwards to me. the job market is horrible - i got better paying jobs faster in los angeles, plus i can actually conceivably do what i want with my life there and turn it into a living which would NEVER happen in montana. random crime rates are also higher in missoula. i never got yelled at or taunted by redneck idiots when walking through downtown l.a.

and i also hate to say it because i do really like you as a friend but nearly every entry on your journal has been complaining about something or other for the past several years. i can't help but wonder if you got over your aversions to some things and left that place if you might end up more content or at least moving forward with things in your life than you currently are. only you can figure out your own life, but pretty much everything you said up there was the exact mindset i was referring to. i can't do ____ because _____ and blah blah fucking blah. i left. life is still difficult...but it's still moving forward. and i'd never go back.

2008-05-21 07:05:49 ET

life is difficult no matter where you live. there are always going to be struggles and random shit storms no matter who or where you are. that's just how life is. between my dad marrying another woman before divorcing my mom and an on an off relationship and my plethora of health problems and trying to find my niche in the world, yeah sure i've been struggling and complaining the entire way. but i was 100 times more miserable in california than i ever was here. missoula is home to me. i've never been taunted by "redneck idiots". yeah, there have been instances of random idiots fucking my day up but those idiots are everywhere in the world, not just here.

you chose to be a dj. that's fine and dandy. there's no way you could have made it as a dj/club promoter here unless you were in to top 40. and that's fine. i'm not holding that against you. i'm going into the medical field. i'd rather train under people that i've known and trust that would help me no matter what than go to some gigantic city and get forgotten about in the sea of faces. besides, pay in my field is much higher because of how desperate they are for help. but that's besides the point.

i've lived other places. but my heart never felt full until i lived here. i'm not telling you to move back or even visit. i understand that you weren't fulfilled here. but to constantly talk down on this place is just ridiculous. i don't hate LA or seattle. i'll visit once in a while but i know in my heart and mind that i would never be able to live there and be happy. but that's just me.

2008-05-21 16:37:01 ET

fair enough...actually for the medical field i can understand at least wanting to train there with all the national renoun the local medical care has...i guess people as a whole for better or worse just fascinate me too much to want to live in such a small number of them. which is probably in turn a cause for a lot of my perpetual frustration as well.

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