2008-08-29 21:05:59 ET

Vicki and I moved into a new apartment 2 weeks ago. Have no internet there as of yet, thank the gods there are like 10 coffee shops with free wifi close by. =)

also, i designed a flyer for this event.

If you are in Seattle, You should check it out. Bellydancing, FireDancing and Super Star Divas...Its not like you have anything better to do with your Wednsday nights.

Flyer Designed by Ice Moon Graphics

2008-08-29 21:07:14 ET

you should dress lars up in his kilt and make some money off his ass.

2008-08-29 21:10:18 ET

And How!!

2008-08-29 21:11:13 ET


2008-08-29 21:12:39 ET

Why the long face Turbo, I'd give you a cut.

2008-08-29 21:12:41 ET

and take lots of pictures. from all angles.

2008-08-29 21:13:32 ET

it IS a drag show, Lars in drag would be super, i bet he would win the $500 prize.

2008-08-29 21:14:17 ET

oh, the pictures would be many, a great many...

2008-08-29 21:16:43 ET

never know who you can blackmail until you enlarge the photos!

2008-08-29 21:19:21 ET

>:) evil grins....

2008-08-29 21:56:15 ET

i have no drag clothes ):<

2008-08-29 22:06:15 ET

that can be changed. we'll dress you up like barbie!

2008-08-29 22:06:50 ET

in soviet russia - barbie dresses you.

2008-08-29 22:10:57 ET

comrade barbie will dress you like her.

2008-08-29 22:31:54 ET

well i dont see comrade barbie here! and if she was, i would be aroused.

2008-08-29 22:36:18 ET

she's hiding in your butt.

2008-08-29 22:36:55 ET

oh snaps.

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