Get out and Vote!!!
2008-10-15 18:44:46 ET

I just saw the final presidential candidate debate tonight, and i have once and for all made my decision.

Why vote for a lesser evil indeed!!!!

2008-10-15 19:50:42 ET

next to pants, cthulhu is the lesser evil.

2008-10-15 20:22:13 ET

Im still voting for Cthulhu. >=)

2008-10-15 20:37:01 ET


2008-10-15 21:15:28 ET

perhaps..but can u think of a better candidate?

2008-10-15 21:19:26 ET

yes, yes i can. there's a stray cat outside my door that sniffs the rain gutters and stares blankly at me. he assures me he won't eat any souls or bring about the apocalypse.

2008-10-15 21:27:01 ET

my girlfriend's brother and his wife have a cat named Cally that weighs about 20 pounds..she is huge and very puffy...i would vote for Cally..if it was down to voting for cats....

2008-10-15 21:39:21 ET

20 pounds is obese for a cat. she would probably die in office from an od on catnip-laced twinkies. and we'd be stuck with her running mate.

2008-10-16 03:47:09 ET

maybe if 20 bound obese cat ran with cthulhu?

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