Happy Halloween all of you!!!
2008-10-31 12:33:36 ET

Here are some Crabs to mark the occasion...

MMMMM nothing says "Happy Halloween" like a mouth full of crabs...

2008-10-31 17:36:53 ET

how about a big bag of crabs!?

2008-10-31 18:34:52 ET

ive had that song stuck in my head for the past 3 days!

2008-10-31 18:42:19 ET

i felt like that song all week ):

2008-10-31 20:47:01 ET

harry the happy halloween crab!
merry samhain, pineapple head.

2008-10-31 20:48:02 ET

harry the happy halloeen 403!

2008-10-31 20:54:06 ET

i can see it just fine. copy and paste, suckahead: http://fireflyforest.net/images/firefly/2006/May/halloween-crab.jpg

2008-10-31 20:57:53 ET

It is an awesome song. =D

Merry Samhain to all!!

Revhade: the link u pasted just gave me 404 =(

2008-10-31 21:05:56 ET

i did copy and paste. i has firefox. its a magical 403 page! i guess only people in arizona can see it. ):

2008-10-31 21:07:02 ET

j00 all suxxorz.

2008-10-31 21:07:33 ET

That is an awesome crab!!!!

2008-10-31 21:08:24 ET

cute! i will name him Sargent Thompson and cram him lovingly into my anus!

2008-10-31 21:09:06 ET

i used to cook those a couple years ago.

2008-10-31 21:12:18 ET

Lars could then run around the busy town market with an anus full of crabs!!!!

2008-10-31 21:14:04 ET

out of all the fantabulous things i've seen in my mind's-eye tonight, that has got to be the nastiest.

2008-10-31 21:15:14 ET

Well, I didn't say it would be pretty. However, I would pay to see it all the same....

2008-10-31 21:16:17 ET

i could cause my anus to sing and weep while full of crabs!

2008-10-31 21:17:38 ET

i would pay your anus two 3 muskateers bars to sing "under the sea"

2008-10-31 21:19:20 ET

Should have been more careful Lars

2008-10-31 21:21:10 ET

how is he going to fit more than 2 in there?

2008-10-31 21:25:06 ET

I guess his anus has no stretching limits....

2008-10-31 21:28:53 ET

now i know i have to see this.

2008-10-31 21:31:54 ET

Maybe that is his super power....

2008-10-31 21:32:54 ET

what's your super power?

2008-10-31 21:37:42 ET

wait so if that giant killer crab is in my ass does this also mean a legion of jet fighters is going to fly into my anus?
cause that sounds hot.

2008-10-31 21:38:05 ET

A giant killer crab, a legion of jets, and the crab's twin!!! tonight you get an orgy of fun in your anus!!!

2008-10-31 21:44:51 ET

oh boy!

2008-10-31 21:46:40 ET

Makes me Jealous!!!

2008-10-31 21:47:27 ET

jealousy gets you revshade spankings!

2008-10-31 21:49:34 ET

i still haven't split his ass open, have i?

2008-10-31 21:49:50 ET

no you have not!

2008-10-31 21:52:03 ET

woo! get on the table, jon.

2008-10-31 21:54:58 ET

Only if it can be a Trifecta! .>:)

2008-10-31 21:56:00 ET

oh damz

2008-10-31 21:56:03 ET

oh, it will be. lars has to gag you somehow. can't wake up the web site with your screams.

2008-10-31 21:56:57 ET

i lacks motivation.

2008-10-31 21:58:14 ET

i just sullied a complete stranger's page for you. stick your cock in his mouth.

2008-10-31 21:59:37 ET

tala marie? she's a bigger ho than i am! complete stranger my ass.

hmmm. do i get to wear a banana suit?

2008-10-31 22:00:05 ET

Well now..Will have to use Lars instead, considering i am running the webcam, and the server, and the domain is registered to me. AND all the DVD making stuff is mine as well.

2008-10-31 22:01:08 ET


2008-10-31 22:01:13 ET

i have no previous encounters with tala that i know of.

2008-10-31 22:04:32 ET

she's an old friend that i pester ruthlessly. naked.

guess that's most of my friends.

2008-10-31 22:05:01 ET

Let me get some cattle birthing gloves on...Lets see how far we can stretch Lars's anus!! We can get Tala on this as well *hands her some forceps*

2008-10-31 22:06:04 ET

it's already bleeding from malnourishment ):

2008-10-31 22:08:53 ET

I have some multivitamins i can stick up there...they should help.

2008-10-31 22:10:57 ET


2008-10-31 22:12:40 ET

Fancy AND Good for you!!!

2008-10-31 22:13:28 ET

i've got some good home cooking that could cure that, alas, you live in the city of angeles.

2008-10-31 22:15:21 ET

i loveth the city of angeles! the only place i move now is san francisco. cause its gayer.

2008-10-31 22:17:45 ET

just what you need. more vitamin queer.

2008-10-31 22:18:56 ET


2008-10-31 22:20:15 ET

if you needed more, why did you move away from jon? he looks like he's got more than enough to go around.

2008-10-31 22:20:47 ET


2008-10-31 22:23:58 ET

actually yeah seattle has like the 2nd gayest per-capita populace next to san fran now. the guys up there are all horny as fuck and were constantly hitting on me. if i were actually into teh c0k i would get laid so much more ):

2008-10-31 22:28:13 ET

Seattle is definatley known for its gay powers. (after San Fransisco of course.)

2008-10-31 22:29:30 ET

wait? you mean you've just been leading me on? tease.

2008-10-31 22:36:04 ET

i'm a male lesbian. i can't help it ):

2008-10-31 22:36:49 ET

you're still gonna get raped.

2008-10-31 22:43:55 ET

cool! ^___________^

2008-10-31 22:46:35 ET

and there ain't a bouncer big enough to keep me from surprising you in your dj booth.

2008-10-31 22:47:20 ET

for some reason everyone loves to mollest my ass when i'm djing.

2008-10-31 22:48:10 ET

i'm going to penetrate, not molest.

2008-10-31 22:49:49 ET

one man's molestation is another man's penetration.

2008-10-31 22:52:12 ET

it's known as penetration the world-round. just ask a catholic choir boy.

2008-10-31 22:58:18 ET

they call it "buttsex"

2008-10-31 23:05:37 ET

i call it "virgin penetration".

2008-10-31 23:07:22 ET

i aint no anal virgin!

2008-10-31 23:12:14 ET

ha! so you admit to liking the cock!

2008-10-31 23:13:34 ET

just so long as it's made out of rubber/latex. sparkling is optional.

2008-10-31 23:20:55 ET

what if it's coated in sparkly latex?

2008-10-31 23:21:47 ET

hmmmmm. i dunno. real dicks are funny ;-P

2008-10-31 23:26:50 ET

there's nothing funny about rev-cock, though you might laugh after the orgasm.

2008-10-31 23:31:32 ET

i dunno man i used to laugh at revjohn's cock all the time. well ok maybe not really. but i'm pretty sure rev-cocks are all funny anyway.

2008-10-31 23:38:29 ET

track down razorslave and see if his cock is funny. he should be back from tucson by now. i'd give you references to my cock, but only a 1 person here has seen it and she doesn't like me very much.

2008-10-31 23:55:06 ET

speaking of people who haven't updated their damn sk page in for-fucking-ever. i miss that guy. and his cock is swell. but only his. all other rev-cocks must be funny.

2008-11-01 00:00:03 ET

he dj'd for the local industrial night a couple days ago. i meant to go see what big-time l.a talent could do, but i've already pissed off one dj from l.a.

2008-11-01 00:04:57 ET

i'm pretty sure razorslave is damn near impossible to piss off. he's one of the coolest guys i know.

2008-11-01 00:05:18 ET

besides i thought he's still based out of vegas as opposed to l.a.

2008-11-01 00:15:50 ET

looks like. the flyer they had for maschine said l.a, but i checked his myspace.

2008-11-01 00:28:10 ET

yeah he spins in l.a. quite a bit. or at least he did. haven't seen the fucker in forever.

2008-11-01 00:31:07 ET

i wonder how many cocks were sucked to get him out here..

2008-11-01 00:40:09 ET

how many rev-cocks? oooh.

2008-11-01 00:41:37 ET

sure as fuck wasn't mine..

2008-11-01 00:47:26 ET

you sure your c0k isn't GATEWAY TO THE RAZORSLAVE?

2008-11-01 00:51:28 ET

pretty sure, yeah. 'cuz i haven't summoned him every time i've gotten laid.

2008-11-01 01:19:42 ET

well er...maybe he's been busy

2008-11-01 01:20:55 ET

you don't understand, lars. i used to be a uh.. very active person..

2008-11-01 01:24:54 ET

i knew all this calling me a whore and a prostitute and a rapscallion was you projecting ):<

2008-11-01 01:26:34 ET

unlike you, i never charged. >:P

2008-11-01 01:27:28 ET

i only charge if they forget the strap-on ):<

2008-11-01 01:30:12 ET

it's still charging. :P

2008-11-01 01:40:16 ET

a girl has needs and they have to be met! :snaps fingers: :farts:

2008-11-01 01:41:54 ET

"what was that, inigo?" "that, fezzick my friend, was the sound of a stretched out rectum. the man in black makes that sound."

2008-11-01 15:15:59 ET

92 comments. you guys are fucking FIENDS.

2008-11-01 15:18:53 ET

well...yeah we are.

2008-11-01 21:13:52 ET

we do it to attract direct sources of awesomeness to use as batteries for our fornication demon summoning.

2008-11-01 21:20:17 ET

Hush!!! Don't want to give out our secret rituals!!!!

2008-11-01 21:23:35 ET

too late, jon. she's already trapped. plug her into the machine.

2008-11-01 21:28:41 ET

yay machine!

2008-11-01 21:31:07 ET

i'll get the ky and the goat. lars, you get the.. y'know what? stay away from the knives. just sit there and watch the prize.

2008-11-01 21:33:11 ET

Gotta bust out the webcam and paysite!!!

2008-11-01 21:34:26 ET

ah yes. you do that. and be sure to put on your ceremonial daisy dukes.

2008-11-01 21:35:36 ET

my head hurts.

2008-11-01 21:36:14 ET

which is why you don't get to play with the knives.

2008-11-01 21:36:46 ET

too bad.

2008-11-01 21:39:01 ET

just play with yourself.

2008-11-01 21:41:04 ET

Daisy Dukes AND short shorts!!!!!! =D

2008-11-01 21:42:09 ET

i've got my micro mini on.

2008-11-01 22:04:40 ET

i'm wearing my redundant redundant as well!

2008-11-01 22:05:03 ET

gotta have one of these on.

2008-11-01 22:09:26 ET

but of course

2008-11-01 22:09:38 ET

also why the fuck does that mannequin look moldy?

2008-11-01 22:11:30 ET

because jon rubbed his nuts on it last night.

2008-11-01 22:12:34 ET

Damn straight i did

2008-11-01 22:12:39 ET

which is where you rubbed your nuts on it.

2008-11-01 22:13:44 ET

Nahh, I rubbed my nuts on it while I was in your closet while I was watching you sleep... :P

2008-11-01 22:16:58 ET

there's an evil monkey in my closet. he totally would've punched you in the sack.

2008-11-01 22:18:47 ET

i think jon and the monkey are in cahoots.

i also think i really like saying the word cahoots.


2008-11-01 22:19:16 ET


2008-11-01 22:21:08 ET

purple cahoots!

2008-11-01 22:21:46 ET


2008-11-01 22:26:31 ET

damp, throbbing, purple cahoots.

2008-11-01 22:28:04 ET

crayons taste like purple. squeek!

2008-11-01 22:31:40 ET

I bribed the monkey with pineapple, bananas and some hardcore xxx bsdm gay porn...he was quiet while i did it.

2008-11-01 22:33:37 ET

i would've heard you through the beaded curtain.

2008-11-01 22:36:43 ET

beaded curtains are sexy!!!!

2008-11-01 22:37:13 ET

is it an anal bead curtain!!!??

2008-11-01 22:38:28 ET

no, actually it's made from razor blades. a throwback from my goth days.

2008-11-01 22:39:43 ET

even better!!!!

2008-11-01 22:40:55 ET

make sure to use the complimentary lemon juice massage oil before and after going through.

2008-11-01 22:48:25 ET

does it come with salt?

2008-11-01 22:55:45 ET

i have some in the kitchen, but it's for tequila only.

2008-11-02 00:24:09 ET


2008-11-02 00:36:52 ET

i thought it was penut butter jelly time.

2008-11-02 00:43:25 ET

its never that time.

2008-11-02 00:50:33 ET

it's not?

2008-11-02 00:58:04 ET


2008-11-02 01:01:31 ET

well, too bad. i'm older than you, and i say it's pbjt.

2008-11-02 01:44:04 ET

stop linking me to things that i am no doubt going to watch all the way through ):<

2008-11-02 01:44:24 ET

oh wait i already watched that one.
pfft. lame.

2008-11-02 01:55:45 ET

quit your bitching.

2008-11-02 14:16:03 ET

metallica = do not want/did not watch

2008-11-02 19:23:24 ET

don't care. you needed your dose of vitamin m to balance out your dose of vitamin queer.

2008-11-02 19:44:14 ET

if by vitamin m you mean vitamin MARCO then ok!

2008-11-02 19:45:24 ET

yes, lars. you need a meat injection from eric estrada.

2008-11-02 19:47:51 ET


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