2008-11-01 17:02:56 ET

I got a new job at Al's music store. My 4 day streak of unemployment has ended. Yay for me. $-D

2008-11-01 17:19:29 ET

awesome! hopefully i can find a damn job soon myself x_x

2008-11-01 20:03:15 ET

indeed!!! it is!!!

2008-11-01 21:43:00 ET

is it a music player's store, or a music listener's store?

2008-11-01 21:45:20 ET

it sells music, games, dvds, game systems from the 80's to the present and the games for them, and DJ turntables and stereo equipment, lps ,

2008-11-01 21:46:06 ET

hm. so it's bookman's and guitar,etc.

2008-11-01 21:46:55 ET

its awesome :D

2008-11-01 22:00:01 ET

the only way it could get any better is if it was populated by hot musicians.

2008-11-01 22:03:16 ET

nahh..musicians tend to be useless employees from what i have heard from the other employees.

2008-11-01 22:06:03 ET

odd...amoeba music in hollywood more or less only hires musicians or people in the music industry of some sort.

2008-11-01 22:07:24 ET

not operated, populated.

2008-11-01 22:08:34 ET


2008-11-01 22:13:27 ET

/me gets bat, starts sneaking around behind jon

2008-11-01 22:16:47 ET

you should try *bleep*ing the bat into his *bleep*. that way you can tell if he's a doppleganger or not!

2008-11-01 22:18:52 ET

/me hits jon in the eye instead

2008-11-01 22:19:04 ET

oh snapz!

2008-11-01 22:20:54 ET

Maybe they are just lazy in Seattle. Then again, that exactly doesn't surprise me.

Revshade..I see u with that bat...*waits patiently with his RAY GUN!!!!!

2008-11-01 22:22:21 ET

the awesome battery protects me from your ray gun.

2008-11-01 22:22:53 ET

it shoots crabs, so you to can have a mouth full of crabby happiness

2008-11-01 22:24:59 ET

2008-11-01 22:26:17 ET

doubles as a butt-plug!

2008-11-01 22:27:56 ET

2008-11-01 22:29:05 ET

Summons this!!!

2008-11-01 22:31:00 ET

/me smacks jon in the other eye for being in cahoots with the evil monkey

2008-11-01 22:33:30 ET

*smacks revshade in the BLEEP* thats from the monkey, you neglect him, and he is mad at you.

2008-11-01 22:37:52 ET

i've got one of these stuffed down the front of my trousers.

2008-11-01 22:38:53 ET

a nuclear powered jock strap??? where did u get one of those!!!???

2008-11-01 22:40:02 ET

my father works for the government.

2008-11-01 22:47:32 ET

won't be able to stop this guy..

2008-11-01 22:58:15 ET

oh yeah?

2008-11-02 00:20:39 ET


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