Snow in Seattle.
2008-12-21 20:51:45 ET

And alot of it at that!!! I can't beleive it. The whole city has pretty much shut down, buses and cabs are running barely, if at all. My place of work closed early. Come on guys, its snow, not the fucking rapture.

Here is a picture I took outside of my apartmen. It pretty much sums it up.
Lots of snow, empty streets and almost nobody open. And its still snowing.

2008-12-21 20:58:37 ET

nice! here is no snow at all. but iīm happy, that it isnīt so cold

2008-12-21 21:28:49 ET

Yeah, snow in Seattle is a rare thing indeed. So since it has snowed about 8 inches, Seattle doesnt know how to handle it aparently.

2008-12-21 22:43:15 ET

you should see what happens when it snows in tucson. one snowflake, and people suddenly forget how to drive. it's an evil snowflake, though.

2008-12-21 23:15:52 ET

Same as for here. Snow falls, drivers go retarded. The snow must be in league with Satan. >:)

2008-12-22 00:11:59 ET

yeah its greatly amusing, to say the least. i've never seen so many snow-chains on tires for such little snow on the ground anywhere i've lived. and people still can't drive in it anyway.

2008-12-22 00:34:28 ET

When the snow falls, So does the city's IQ

2008-12-22 01:47:00 ET


2008-12-22 01:53:56 ET

here sun is shining. i should go out soon.
thx for add!

2008-12-22 04:21:07 ET

I didn't know snow can make human beings retrograde.

Too bad we dun have snow here.

2008-12-22 12:22:36 ET

ain't supposed to snow in tucson, either, but there you have it and there you are.

2009-02-01 16:04:07 ET

I just read this and I had to laugh. Seriously, there are 5 foot high snow banks surrounding my building and the rest of the city, and 2.5 feet sitting in the front yard down stairs.

16 inches in the last storm, and NO ONE so much as hiccupped. It's amusing ^_^

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