My Twitter account II..
2009-04-24 20:32:16 ET

It is back in business!!! Twitter fixed the problem. Much Kudos to them for fixing it as promptly as they did. It is no longer twitjacked. *Is happy*


2009-04-24 20:42:30 ET

ah good. now i can resume my online stalking. i just love twitter.

2009-04-24 21:14:38 ET

oh snap, you used twitjacked.

2009-04-24 21:23:48 ET

Rev: I love the attention.

3nkIdu: It was too good to pass up.

2009-04-24 21:32:22 ET

you do? wanna lick the sauce off my 5$ footlong?

2009-04-24 21:34:57 ET

That's no footlong, it's 10 inches at most. You got ripped off.

2009-04-24 21:40:33 ET

no, i like to think of the last 2 inches as the foreskin. when i go to put it in my mouth, it retracts to show the tastiest part.

2009-04-24 21:58:22 ET

Your footlong looks about 9 inches short and No, I don't.

2009-04-24 22:09:51 ET

why you always gotta be so down on my game?

2009-04-24 22:16:29 ET

rev: game recognize game and you lookin kinda unfamiliar

2009-04-24 22:24:02 ET

I just call it how i see it.

2009-04-24 22:37:51 ET

you called it nick. i gots no game :(

2009-04-25 03:20:15 ET

who wants donuts?

2009-04-25 06:22:12 ET

Nick... lmao.

I had a comment jon, but I completely forgot what it was reading the above awesomeness.

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