It was grand.
2009-04-26 21:19:30 ET

At Gargoyles today, a guy came in and every time he walked by the register, he smelled of cheese. It was funny.

2009-04-26 21:27:36 ET

Did you try and guess what kind of cheese? or was it generic gubment cheese?

2009-04-26 21:40:55 ET

Reminded me of sharp cheddar.

2009-04-26 22:33:11 ET

maybe he was french. french people always smell of something peculiar.

2009-04-26 22:36:36 ET

damn the french, DAMN THEM.

2009-04-26 22:45:57 ET

lots of seattlites smell like cheese. and blood. and coffee. i pegged that as the 'seattlite bum smell' - blood and coffee mixed. i know cause it's how all the bums there smell and it's how i smelled after i got mugged walking downtown there and i'd just had a coffee. yay!

2009-04-26 22:59:05 ET

You forgot piss and unwashed ass.

2009-04-26 23:06:20 ET

well there's always that too.

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