Le Sigh..
2009-08-21 19:45:15 ET

Not feeling like myself as of late...Stress and lack of sleep maybe..

Did a poster for Dark Dreams, first one for them I did since last June.
They were pleased to receive it.

2009-08-22 02:00:49 ET

poster looks good

i don't feel like myself lately either

2009-08-22 07:26:58 ET

i feel like you, jon. lars feels like you, and you feel like me!

2009-08-22 12:22:07 ET

and we're all naked!

2009-08-22 17:20:47 ET

and touching each other!

2009-08-22 20:34:08 ET

"and touching each other!"

WoW mixed Ewwww.

2009-08-22 21:15:03 ET

i didn't say where. for all you know, it could be a random poke in the eye.

2009-08-23 00:36:54 ET

did someone say SKULLFUCKERY!?

2009-08-23 00:58:03 ET

Whether or no, show some vids....THX. :P

2009-08-23 01:24:00 ET

i don't think your ocular sockets are big enough, lars. and nestle, you gotta pay. we'll accept barter of your vids.

2009-08-23 01:38:47 ET


2009-08-23 01:47:26 ET

i guess i could open them up a bit with my boning knife. scrape out the extra skull. might make it hard to put your eyes back in without playdough.

2009-08-23 01:54:59 ET

i like playdough!

2009-08-23 02:53:52 ET

you probably eat playdough. sick fuck.

2009-08-23 19:53:39 ET

so? d-:

2009-08-24 00:28:32 ET

Playdough is bad for you, Lars.

2009-08-24 00:28:54 ET

thats not what she said

2009-08-24 00:53:57 ET

lars buddy, your poop isn't supposed to come out in those colours.

2009-08-24 10:47:09 ET

but it makes me happy when it does

2009-08-24 14:01:36 ET


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