2010-07-08 21:02:35 ET

Internet is restored!!! Been 7 days, I am so glad to have internet again. :D:D In the 90's here now, ewwww i hope the heat goes away soon!!

2010-07-08 21:39:11 ET

i was out baskin in the shit earlier...went to REI like a total outdoors fag.

2010-07-09 07:42:46 ET

You have an AC or something?

2010-07-09 15:41:42 ET

a lot of places in seattle just don't have AC cause it only gets this hot for a relatively small portion of the year so i'm betting he doesn't

2010-07-09 16:44:32 ET

Ahh. Fan it up my friend.

2010-07-09 16:50:51 ET

my friend who i'm staying with from now til i move (if all goes according to plan) into my new place on monday or tuesday actually had his apartment management bring him a portable a/c unit since it was getting pretty damn baking in here, so i'm currently chillaxin in air conditioned comfort. ftw.

2010-07-09 17:00:25 ET

That's a fucking huge place...

2010-07-09 17:03:04 ET

eh the apartment i'm getting there is just a studio but it's decent sized and it works for me and is prefurnished with really nice stuff, plus the rooftop deck that's immediately across the street from the space needle is nice (will be awesome on new years when they shoot fireworks off of the needle) and there's a courtyard in the middle of the building as well as an exercise room.

$545 a month all utilities included and 40 bucks extra if i wanna tack on cable internet. ^_^

2010-07-09 17:43:55 ET

Actually, my place is pretty cool. it is not directly in the sun, and we have 2 huge box fans. The bus ride home though from work sucked though. :( Le Frown

2010-07-09 20:11:56 ET

yeah...i like having a bike a lot right now d-; the non-air-conditioned buses in this heat are ridiculous.

2010-07-09 20:35:24 ET

The buses here are very, very sad...

2010-07-09 23:45:30 ET

20 years older and twice as expensive as a plethora of other american cities! what's not to love!?

2010-07-10 05:54:46 ET

Lol more expensive? Go to a major town and look for that price. You can't even rent a room 50 miles from Boston for that much.

2010-07-10 14:33:38 ET

na i'm talkin public transportation not rental prices d-:

the buses here are ancient, not air conditioned, and fuckin 2 bucks regular fare, 2.25 during rush hour, and our single light rail line is fucking 5 bucks for one round trip fare. public transpo doesn't run 24 hours here either.

conversely in los angeles, all of the buses are newer, nicer, air conditioned, run more frequently, many run 24 hours, and there's an actual rail system with multiple light rails and subways. the fare for all of the above is 1.25 and 5 bucks gets you a day pass that's good for everything, rail or bus, within a 24 hour period.

2010-07-10 16:38:45 ET

Boston is about as much as that.

2010-07-10 17:07:25 ET

but does boston have an actual functioning rail system and/or at least something that runs 24 hours? i would be able to tollerate seattle's prices moreso if the entire system up here wasn't so inferior in more or less every way to los angeles where i moved here from.

2010-07-11 06:40:13 ET

You know I'm not sure. I'll have to ask SubSonik. I want to say they close from 12-4 or 2-6am.

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