Vogue ad I did for a magazine.
2010-08-24 21:32:35 ET

Did this ad for a Gothic Magazine for the Vogue. Tell me what you think.

2010-08-24 21:40:54 ET


2010-08-24 22:00:43 ET

goin offa what turbo said, you got a lot of text information there and it could probably be arranged with more grace to make it much easier to be consumed by the magazine reader.

As a reader, i have no idea what to look at first. You have 3 key pieces of information: the date and time, the performers, and the drink specials, and since it all looks the same (gothic font, black, size 18?, centered), you've essentially placed them all in the same hierarchy of importance. Whats the most vital piece of info, the time frame for an event, or the drink special for that event?

I would play around with font sizing and orientation. Centered text is safe and conventional, but with that much text, it makes it harder on the reader.

2010-08-24 22:04:34 ET

also: needs moar disco raftin'.

2010-08-25 15:44:05 ET

Well, It is 3 Different Weeknights, and they are all of Equal Importance. That is the text I got from the Owner, and I actually reduced what She gave me. Can't get any more basic that that. Any less text, and you are leaving information out.

2010-08-25 21:10:51 ET

you could still spread the text out or line it up a bit different so it looks less cluttered.

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