I updated.
2010-09-10 18:27:54 ET

I updated my web site Icemoon Graphics. Bought a wireless N card for my laptop as well. Works like a champ. :)

2010-09-10 18:28:57 ET

i had a netgear n card, but the damned thing kept crashing. the built-in g card works without a hitch.

2010-09-10 18:54:22 ET

I bought a D-Link Wireless N card, It works very well, much faster than my Startech G & my Cisco G+ Cards.

2010-09-10 18:59:40 ET

i'll have to look into getting my hands on one. i sold the other one for a bottle of gentleman jack and ten bucks.

2010-09-10 19:14:53 ET

It is worth the investment. :)

2010-09-11 02:48:17 ET

yay! and hopefully i'll see you at trinity tonight (:

2010-09-11 06:22:07 ET

don't go jon. lars wants to stick your new card in his butt.

2010-09-11 16:40:52 ET

nope - somewhere else!

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