Good new stuff.
2010-11-21 16:26:38 ET

Got a Sony Vaio laptop and also bought a dell axim x3 wifi enabled pocket pc. Been working on gargoyles website. aside from that, not much is new with my life. going to hang out with a friend tomorrow for coffee.

2010-11-21 18:27:43 ET

wow you finally have a real computer? (;

2010-11-21 20:30:15 ET

As opposed to a fake one? Do explain.

2010-11-21 20:39:26 ET

yaknow, your ten-year-old windows 2000 machine or whatever you had d-;

2010-11-21 22:33:03 ET

I can fix my hardware, I know how, do you? Fix that broken wifi card in your Macbook.

2010-11-21 22:41:01 ET

i could figure out how easily online. but instead i decided to just buy a better external card and save myself the trouble d-;

2010-11-21 22:44:27 ET

You should remove it from the computer. Damaged hardware left unattended can damage other components in your system.

2010-11-22 21:01:00 ET

yeah that might be a good idea actually - i need to get a jeweler's screwdriver set if i want to do that though - or i could come over and borrow yours d-;

2010-11-24 16:50:24 ET

You can borrow mine. Just come on over.

2010-11-24 17:25:04 ET

i'll let you know when i can (:

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