<No Subject> Drinking Coffee </No Subject>
2012-09-24 15:36:38 ET

I think I worry too much. Drinking coffee and watching civilization end from the windows of an all-night diner sounds like an interesting idea. I wonder if I had a remote control, could I change the channel on the window, and watch something else. It's alittle to early at this time for world-ending scenarios. This coffee is very good...

2012-09-24 16:06:10 ET

It is 2012 yo.

2012-09-24 18:24:13 ET

worry is a very detrimental thing...though i still work on doing it less every day

2012-09-24 19:20:50 ET

Drake : I know, guess we will see what happens come Dec, 21, 2012. :P

Lars: I am glad for you, I should work on that myself. (: Congrats again, btw.

2012-09-25 04:08:41 ET

My birthday!!! :P

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