Cloud Atlas
2012-11-04 20:38:47 ET

Just saw the movie "Cloud Atlas". Best movie I have seen all year. Period. Go and see it.

2012-11-04 21:53:20 ET

i'm so out of the loop with movies...what's it about?

2012-11-07 00:32:57 ET

yeah, i saw sth about it on tv, think ill watch it in cinema. greeties!

2012-11-07 16:40:15 ET

Awesome!! (:

2012-11-12 21:58:19 ET

on thursday ill watch an old movie in cinema: "strange days"
ive seen it in the late 90ies and im looking forward to watch it again!
the only matter is, that im nearly broken this month, and that in the middle of the month, fuck!

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