Wost rum in the universe.
2011-02-23 02:28:02 ET

Imagine a situation, where in order for a drink to be actually drinkable, a bartender (I'm not kidding) recommends a mixture of 1 part alcohol, to 19 parts mix, in a drink which only contains two ingredients.

This was the situation during my most recent trip to Australia, where I learned that rum is considered "the angry mans drink' (wtf?)0

If you value your taste buds...even just a little bit, do not under any circumstances drink Bundaberg Rum, no matter how much Aussies tell you it's good - regardless of the TYPE of Bundaberg, regardless of it being an Australian tradition, for the love of god or whatever.





- The world traveling weirdo

2011-02-23 05:55:43 ET

I wonder why they consider it, "The Angry Man's Drink". Is there a story behind it?

2011-02-23 06:45:11 ET

So I basically have to try this now you know?

2011-02-23 06:45:11 ET


2011-02-24 03:26:31 ET

@Mach...literally (according to the brother in laws - both of them, both aussies), because you get angry as hell having fallen for it again, and just have to punch someone, repeatedly, after 3-4 drinks.

2011-02-24 03:27:08 ET

@Motard - Go for it - just make sure you don't pay too much for it!

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