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Life happens
2012-10-17 00:51:45 ET

And then you forget to update things for a damned long time. Hopefully the non updating trend will cease!

Lots to tell, but later :)

I really
2011-10-01 00:26:35 ET

Need to start writing here more.

Also to update the whole "bio" thing.

also to find more sleep, eventually, for the brother in law decendeth Sunday, I suspect much drinking will occur.

he haz beer.

I haz everclear.



2011-08-28 00:01:46 ET

Lars needs to show up for Sessions, that is all.

2011-08-13 01:47:17 ET

I'm basically trying to document an expansion. So these posts (next lil while) might be boring to most folks :)

Getting into it, bits n peices
Akai LPD-8

Yamaha MG124cx

M-Audio USB Uno 1X1 MIDI Interface (this takes midi signal from the DJM-800 out to serato/traktor/whatever)

2011-06-19 19:18:28 ET

I must be the most boring SK poster of all time :) All my posts are about the studio or food or god knows what else :)

But this's about the studio.

At this point the studio has grown to encompass pretty much every tool (with the exception of an editing console or video board) of a television studio for the likes of a major talk show.

but just cause I'm crazy, this is what's sitting in there right now, some of which is mine, some of which is here for Thursday (our newest show)

2x pio cdj400 deck
1x pio djm800 mixer
1x NS7 w. NSFX
2x B-52 18" Tops
1x B-52 18" Sub
2x Klipsch Studio Mons.
1x Pioneer Monitor amp/receiver
1x Rane SL-3
1x Audio Distribution Amp.
1x shure 6 chan mic amp.
2x shure wireless handheld mics.
3x shure lapel mics, wireless.
1x shure omni desk mount mic.
6x shure wireless mic receivers.

Macbook Pro 13:
1x Rane SL-3
1x Serato Scratch Live

Tower 1:
X Split Broadcaster.
6x 1080p cams for various shots: Top, Rear, Right, Face, Interview 1, and Interview 2.

Laptop 1:
Skype --> DJM-800 interface.
GTalk --> DJM-800 interface

3x Samsung 22" Monitors, wall mounted.
1x 320" widescreen projector.

XBOX360, Wii, PS3.
and the refrigerator full of booze!

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