2011-08-13 01:47:17 ET

I'm basically trying to document an expansion. So these posts (next lil while) might be boring to most folks :)

Getting into it, bits n peices
Akai LPD-8

Yamaha MG124cx

M-Audio USB Uno 1X1 MIDI Interface (this takes midi signal from the DJM-800 out to serato/traktor/whatever)

2011-08-13 01:52:02 ET


2011-08-13 01:55:43 ET

Lars, you need to get over here at some point and see the studio.
We took a bar, and made it into spaceship 2.0., it's kinda ridiculous. Sides it'll give ya chance to record something (we'd talked about that prev), and maybe cut some vid demo or whatever.

Also, guest on Sceneweek, when?

2011-08-13 01:56:54 ET

yeah i reeeeeally need to record a new set. when's sceneweek happening next week?

2011-08-13 01:58:59 ET

Weds, 7pm. I may actually need a co-host if Mikey has to leave earlier, he has a gig @ 10.

2011-08-13 01:59:35 ET

Yeah, wasn't your last demo like....November?

2011-08-13 11:10:13 ET

something like that x_x

i can possibly drop by wednesday. definitely would like to. depends on if i can find an easy way to get out there or not.

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