So at this point.
2011-04-03 01:34:59 ET

I think i can classify working on and perfecting my production booth as a bit of an addiction. Seems like I'm working on it, in the store buying something to add to it, or rewiring the thing (this week it was an on off switch for every component in the thing - all 36 plugs worth).

It is however, pimpin.

2011-04-02 01:31:43 ET

+ games
= woot

2011-03-25 21:37:11 ET

I was reading SoFA's journalthingamabober, and the words "more than an awesome setup." were seen by my Dj addict eyeballs.

And I got to wondering, just how much would a purely AWESOME setup be for pure DJing (and potentially production).

So, here's the math....remember, this is dream time - the word awesome has been uttered :)

Starting with the decks (personal preference here)
Pioneer CDJ-2000 Deck: $1899.99
Pioneer CDJ-2000 Deck: $1899.99

Technics 1200 mk2: $600.00
Technics 1200 mk2: $600.00

A&H Xone:92 $1499.99
Pioneer DJM-2000 $2499.00

Pioneer HDJ-2000 $349.99

Booth Monitors:
KRK Expose' E8B: $2500.00
KRK Expose' E8B: $2500.00

Mackie HD1801 Pow. Sub. $999.99
Mackie HA1801 Pow. Sub. $999.99
Mackie PPM1012/C300z PA $1799.99

So if you go A&H mixer (better sound), it's $14449.93
whereas if you go with pioneer (better features) $15448.94
I'll stop right there, cause I'm about to sacrifice both kidneys for that kit...
that or cry lol


Au revoir, 37
2011-03-21 15:51:12 ET

I often find myself, on this exact night, pretty much every year - wondering what spring will bring (Mar 21 first day of spring, etc), and whether I will do something memorable the next day (My birthday, etc). Why I'm blogging/writing/expressing this I'm nto sure, save to say that it's somewhat, hmm, self inspiring to say "ok, it's gonna happen, let's MAKE it happen memorably".

As far as Spring goes, it's going to be massively busy for me, I'm hoping I get enough time to catch up with friends old and new, and the newfound twin I've discovered for that matter. busy busy busy

Mar 22 - BDay god knows what'll happen
Mar 23 - ITVNW (New residency)
Mar 30 - ITVNW
Apr 05 - MD Birthday Party
Apr 06 - ITVNW
Apr 07 - The Official Molliepalooza
Apr 21 - NorWesCon (72 hour party, woot!)

truth is
2011-03-20 19:22:17 ET

I love playing to/shaping/moving a crowd more than just about anything else in my life, and the circle of people I've met in that pursuit have changed my life entirely. I'm having a hard time expressing this to any of them (typical), without coming off as some kind of...sycophant? I dunno, just wish i had some means of telling folks things...better :)

Bah, all very wacky.

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