2011-03-25 21:37:11 ET

I was reading SoFA's journalthingamabober, and the words "more than an awesome setup." were seen by my Dj addict eyeballs.

And I got to wondering, just how much would a purely AWESOME setup be for pure DJing (and potentially production).

So, here's the math....remember, this is dream time - the word awesome has been uttered :)

Starting with the decks (personal preference here)
Pioneer CDJ-2000 Deck: $1899.99
Pioneer CDJ-2000 Deck: $1899.99

Technics 1200 mk2: $600.00
Technics 1200 mk2: $600.00

A&H Xone:92 $1499.99
Pioneer DJM-2000 $2499.00

Pioneer HDJ-2000 $349.99

Booth Monitors:
KRK Expose' E8B: $2500.00
KRK Expose' E8B: $2500.00

Mackie HD1801 Pow. Sub. $999.99
Mackie HA1801 Pow. Sub. $999.99
Mackie PPM1012/C300z PA $1799.99

So if you go A&H mixer (better sound), it's $14449.93
whereas if you go with pioneer (better features) $15448.94
I'll stop right there, cause I'm about to sacrifice both kidneys for that kit...
that or cry lol

2011-03-25 21:45:37 ET

this is why you just get sponsored like darude and have them all sending you everything new they make for free right when it comes out d-; super easy! lol

2011-03-25 21:51:07 ET

Sad thing is there's at least a few other things I'd throw in there.
roland SP-555
korg quad
porjectors, etc.

but then, I've been planning this crap out for long time, have to get the second business going by end of summer/fall.

2011-03-25 22:07:38 ET


2011-03-26 01:00:31 ET

Side note, the video in the booth is fucking awesome now :)
3x cams (decks, body, fancam), audio recording, shoutcast stream, ustream feed, and extra uber sauce.
Seriously, I'm gonna hit repc and get a ton of older usb handicams cause this is getting crazy.
I love it.

2011-03-26 01:19:25 ET

sweet (:

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