2011-04-02 01:31:43 ET

+ games
= woot

2011-04-02 01:49:40 ET


2011-04-02 03:18:20 ET

also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgER1L6jD8Y

2011-04-02 20:26:32 ET

not bad :)

2011-04-03 01:00:24 ET

totally droppin it at contour this week ^_^

2011-04-03 01:32:10 ET

I'm dropping some bangkok influenced stuff in about....6 hours? lol
Welcome to come by if yer so inclined for sessions.

2011-04-03 01:45:05 ET

oh yeah that is today huh? i've got no bus fare / money til monday. ): if i can get a ride from someone though i'm totally down.

2011-04-03 04:13:21 ET

It's every sunday :)
regular thing now.
I suspect today's will be semi mellow/lots of people out of town who've been regulars, etc.

2011-04-03 04:16:50 ET

we'll see what i'm up to after i've slept. ha. supposed to meet up with julia for a photoshoot for TURBO/contour. maybe i can convince her it'd be awesome to go to bellevue while we're at it. d-;

2011-04-03 09:02:43 ET

so far, slow as heck, prolly top out at 5 folks, finish by 4, half the spaceship isn't here lol

2011-04-03 14:01:21 ET

i just woke up x_x probably not gonna make it. ah well. next week!

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