2011-04-17 17:33:40 ET

Impossibly, irrationally excited to see Your Highness, and Fast Five, the later makes me go ohhh, Rome! and Han! and Rock, and Tej and Don Omar and and...daaaam I love me some movies, might have to debut at con!

So you think you can dance...
2011-04-11 15:59:29 ET

So you think you can dance...

This chick can shake her junk like crazy

And these ladies, are plain just ready for southern california

crazy stuff.

But you knwo it's what half the dances in clubs today are emulating.
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On the judgement of DJ's
2011-04-11 15:26:42 ET

wow what a pretentious title eh?
Not however some diatribe about which dj's are hot, etc, and who blows chunks, except well sorta...

I'm judging a competition I'm fairly aware of in terms of "how it works", having had some success with it in the past professionally/personally...In any case, my whole thought process at the moment is this.

Said competition grades a DJ's (key word right there) performance on a scale from 1-5, for an hour long set, 4 judges, max of 20 points, easy peasy.

Only I've been told by another judge that one should not award a 5 unless the DJ produces their own music?

So my response, in that particular case is this...

I'm judging DJ's, not music creation/production studio professionals :)

Ergo, my criteria are pretty simple...If you don't fuck up any transitions, somehow kill the set (be it via bad selection of tunes, or bad mood change, etc). In short if people are dancing (including judges), and you don't fuck up (in MY ears). You're getting a five.

Screw up 1 or 2 transitions, but have a great to amazing vibe? (Remember it's my ears that says it's awesome, not necessarily crowds)....4.

and onwards and downwards from there...on down to WTF you normally use serato/vdj/traktor and you can't beatmatch to save your life, plus rhinestone cowboy to garth to indutrial metallica remix blows through britney OMG I'm uber mix...sucks....you get 1.

This shit is stressful!

Just cause
2011-04-04 05:00:01 ET


dream stuffs
2011-04-04 03:58:08 ET

1. Korg Quad

2. Roland SP-555

3. Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus

4. Pioneer DJM-2000

5. Pioneer CDJ-2000

7. Elation Show Designer 2CF

8. and for to carry it all - Mercedes Sprinter :)

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