dream stuffs
2011-04-04 03:58:08 ET

1. Korg Quad

2. Roland SP-555

3. Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus

4. Pioneer DJM-2000

5. Pioneer CDJ-2000

7. Elation Show Designer 2CF

8. and for to carry it all - Mercedes Sprinter :)

2011-04-04 04:22:26 ET

image 6 took forever to load but is there now. i really want a korg kaoss pad of some variety myself once i start making choonz again.

2011-04-04 04:23:26 ET

Korg pad is some epic badassness.
want the quad and the SP555 from roland BAD.

2011-04-04 04:23:49 ET

But really, I'd take the truck first...you should see what they make those things with now :)

2011-04-04 04:24:41 ET

also, i'll give you 3 guesses as to what chloe harris, currently arguably the most successful and internationally recognized dj residing in seattle, uses as her home cd players.

2011-04-04 04:25:14 ET

also, the quad looks really cool though i haven't looked into any of that since the kp4. i should check it out.

and that truck looks shiny d-;

2011-04-04 04:26:56 ET

That'd be a heck of an arguement :) Chloe is pretty huge though :)

I'll take a shot...400's?

2011-04-04 04:27:28 ET

quad basically is the effects slut of the Korg line.

2011-04-04 04:28:56 ET

Note what I meant by "what they make those things with"

in mah g6... lol

2011-04-04 04:30:07 ET

i've done the research to back up said argument - the only two who are currently in as much of world-touring/headlining status as she is (not to mention owning her own record label) that i'm aware of would be donald glaude and dj dan, and so far as i can tell, neither of them really live here anymore. she's definitely the most up and coming local so far as worldwide status, from what i can tell.

anyway, she uses cdj 200s at home. same as merc's house decks. a fact that makes my minimalist-loving ass super happy. heh.

2000s are nice if you're a gearhead though d-;

2011-04-04 04:30:23 ET

also: i highly approve of this van interior.

2011-04-04 04:37:57 ET

Yeah yeah, we all know you're anti tech anything :)
I imagine it's hard to rank DJ's success wise, but in terms of sheer star power - Chloe is it in electronica for Seattle representation.

On the r&b/dancehall/hip hop side, seattle has some pretty serious cut creators who hail from here, or came from here :)

Personally I'm just glad Seattle has ANY representation that anyone actually knows on the electronic side, I wish the scene would pick up a bit!

2011-04-04 04:44:07 ET

yeah we've got a solid scene here - it just needs to grow a bit more. i really think it's getting there, though. it'll help a lot if more state laws continue to get revised in the right directions.

and meh i'm not that anti-tech in general, and definitely not for others as much as just just me. it is refreshing and encouraging to know someone of her stature - which is exactly where i want to get to myself - has had a similar gameplan and standards for themselves, though. kind of gives me that assurance that i'm headed in the right direction for myself.

2011-04-04 04:54:03 ET

I'll be stright up as usual...if i could spin vinyl (I'm learning) and it was still the defacto standard, I'd be happy as heck.

As it stands, I'm pretty much a CDJ guy - with or without the CD's (I'll use USB/SDcard, whatever), I just have to have that platter feedback (which people tells me makes me weird).

2011-04-04 04:55:57 ET

i like cdjs a lot. even as i intend to move towards spinning vinyl as well, i want to be regularly spinning both vinyl and cds; never just one or the other.

2011-04-04 04:56:54 ET

also, have you seen denon's new flagship decks? i wouldn't own them cause i don't like denon to use, but they're a pretty interesting concept.

2011-04-04 04:59:10 ET

yeah, not sure they'd work for me.

2011-04-04 05:03:57 ET

yeah i like pioneer's cdj layout and design much more than any other brand. and if i want to spin vinyl, i'll spin vinyl. DN-S3700 is still a cool concept, though. i'd definitely play around with 'em at least. still don't see it ever replacing pioneer, though.

2011-04-04 05:08:38 ET

i suppose it really depends WHERE you're playing.
Pioneer is I think, the standard in NA/EU, but in some other places I've read about, or been told about directly, Bangkok/Australia for example - it varies wildly, and most DJ's seem to have personal equipment riders, for example the A&H mixers generally seem to beat out pio's in such things.

I'm actually kinda glad to hear that it's not all same ol same ol pio everywhere, I like playing with new stuff/changing it up, one of the reasons sessions is so much fun, different layout each week :)

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