The scene
2011-02-25 01:57:51 ET

So I've recently been made aware of just how odd the scene - and by that i mean the electronica scene - in Seattle is.

What with people who are synonymous with each other - splitting into mutually aggressive camps of passive aggressive antipathy.

Promoters who apparently believe promoting is about - well - themselves and their vision, vs that of the venue/event.

DJ's who are all trying to essentially kill each other for the $5 happy meal level gigs (with toy drink prizes, yay!).

And clubs that basically say "we don't give a crap long as they drink" (wait, that's just smart business)

I've remembered why I set out to be independent in the first place!

Wost rum in the universe.
2011-02-23 02:28:02 ET

Imagine a situation, where in order for a drink to be actually drinkable, a bartender (I'm not kidding) recommends a mixture of 1 part alcohol, to 19 parts mix, in a drink which only contains two ingredients.

This was the situation during my most recent trip to Australia, where I learned that rum is considered "the angry mans drink' (wtf?)0

If you value your taste buds...even just a little bit, do not under any circumstances drink Bundaberg Rum, no matter how much Aussies tell you it's good - regardless of the TYPE of Bundaberg, regardless of it being an Australian tradition, for the love of god or whatever.





- The world traveling weirdo

Australia and DJ's
2011-02-23 01:45:50 ET

So I made it back without being flooded, and still as pale as the day I left (thank you random storm that destroyed the 12 days of 'high summer' I was in NSW, with the exception of 3 hours on a random golf course).

Being that I'm one of those "rather be out than in" types, (oh hush pervs), I spent a great many of the nights I was down under in various clubs...Sydney, Wollongong, etc. While I was spending my tie in these various pibs, clubs, RSL ASL houses, and clubs...I found something odd.

You see, I tend to be that guy nosing around the booths, networking with DJ's, and figuring out what they have installed in clubs (all to forward the power of THE BOOTH - more on that later).

Long story short...what are all those talented Aussie DJ's using?

It's not CDJ's.
It's not Laptops/Serato/Traktor (though there was a ton of traktor in non club venues).
It's definitely not vinyl.

It's a single dock, with two ipods, and a fader, with the DJ face down below the booth 90% of the time.

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The booth.
2011-02-23 01:39:40 ET

The one thing that seems to be an ever changing, multiply either confused or pimped out or both - meshed together reflection of the state of my creativity.

Is finally actually in a configuration I can actually handle that allows me to DO what I want.

I still have to find a place for my NS7, perhaps in a slide out of some sort, but the creative juices are flowing like crazy, and the mind is going nuts - which in and of itself is a good thing, being an Aries, if I slowed down, I'd likely be dead.


what am i doing?
2011-01-28 00:07:21 ET


Fucking about trying to get my booth set up to my "standards", otherwise known as "cramming all my shit into one place that's easy to get to"

Considering driving to Aberdeen for some Wacked out skate park gig at 3am.

Making Turbo think I'm some weird stalker.

Writing this journal half-assedly while trying to make yet another random mix.

Much love!


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