what am i doing?
2011-01-28 00:07:21 ET


Fucking about trying to get my booth set up to my "standards", otherwise known as "cramming all my shit into one place that's easy to get to"

Considering driving to Aberdeen for some Wacked out skate park gig at 3am.

Making Turbo think I'm some weird stalker.

Writing this journal half-assedly while trying to make yet another random mix.

Much love!

2011-01-28 00:11:53 ET

i would totally rock aberdeen at 3am!

also welcome to sk. you'll find it's like crack except arguably healthier.

2011-01-28 00:42:04 ET

yes, greetings. stalk the hell out of lars.

2011-01-28 01:28:41 ET

HELLO. im sorry that you also have to put up with lars on a regular basis. :(

2011-01-28 08:20:48 ET

Welcome to SK, Luther!

2011-01-28 17:58:09 ET

Welcome! Mind your extremities, and don't fear the van.

2011-01-29 15:37:29 ET


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