2011-03-14 16:18:04 ET

the Merc...fet?
Not quite yet.
Something like "Hey if I wear a flogger over my shoulder, dress like a vampqueen, and drink greyhounds, I'm a lifestyler, right?"
But not quite that desperate.
Something better, but not quite...there yet.

I didn't see any instances of "on your knees now girl, for I am Azog the XXYYZZ"
(tendency towards Fictional characterization/long story)
or for that matter...
"OMG can you believe what she's wearing"
(sure sign of vanilla establishment)
On a positive note, i definately didn't see any of the "Seattle standard" femdom mentality (goth or otherwise), wherein the words "we're/I'm entitled to X because we are female blah blah blah" were uttered (shades of the wetspot pre reform)

Actually, it was a pretty darn good night, the place had potential, and no politics...Miraculoso.

Music, extra good, Marius is great.
Drinks, fantastic, strong, cheap.
Environment - a bit run down.
People - some serious potential.

More to come later :)


friends and their oddities.
2011-03-03 13:49:20 ET

Have you ever had that whole get together with old friends, folks you haven't seen in ages, and had that WTF, who is this person moment?

I had that this morning, when I ran into an old...flame, and her girlfriend, and their dog, and heard the story about what the dog does at night to the girlfriend.

Considering my history, and what I've seen and done, I really shouldn't have had "the moment", but ya know what.

I totally like her better now.


When it rains
2011-03-03 13:39:41 ET

It seems like after weeks (months?) of nothing and no real connections working out in this whole music endeavor, suddenly, things are starting to turn around, gigs are coming, connections are panning out, and I'm having a lot more fun with people (musically speaking) than I had previously.

Even venturing out and starting a new thing or two, it's refreshing, no doubt something to do with the weather slowly improving, and my mood along with it.

I need to make some time to blog about something other than my movement through the electronica scene here, but at present it's all I've got going on aside form a bloody long overdue and saved like hell for home remodel, so woo exciting.

Yea for sledgehammers and cheap labor.

At least I'll be gigging for most of the month, even if Lars has me set up to get jacked up by russian like DJ's on the 10th (I think), that should be interesting.


2011-02-25 02:18:30 ET

Tech 2010

Winter Sampler 2011

Progressively Yours

Moon Over My Dance Floor

Journeying through the land of the booth.
2011-02-25 02:01:46 ET

Yeah, I know, another booth post.

I'm actually rather liking this setup, have adjusted height so that everythings...well ergonomically suited to MY height.

Still have to figure out where to put the NS7...

And add nother PC for it I suppose on left somewhere.

I love to do the building.

Yeah, and next week, new kitchen. (how oddly suburbanite is that? lol)
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