1:40ish AM
2011-03-15 22:50:51 ET

Funny how SK is like a chatroom, only slower sometimes.
IRC was the shit back in the day.

2011-03-15 22:43:41 ET

Prize for the person who can guess what literary work, spawned the great majority of my fet friendly lifestyle mentality and pursuit thereof. Guesses are permitted, as are questions...

"Grandpa started me learning, the TPE came later."

2011-03-15 22:11:30 ET

I am somewhat difficult to understand, and must make an effort to shackle the late night weirdness that creeps into my vocabulary :)

Not a bad goal, though perhaps impossible :)

No malo :)

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Tech and the Modernist Mayhem.
2011-03-15 22:07:51 ET

Sounded like an epic album title though didn't it :) Or at least some weird alt universal DJ collective.

It's damn near that time again in Seattle.
2011-03-15 21:35:59 ET

When the truly SUPER FREAKY people come out, and descend upon the city of SeaTac in droves to celebrate their NorWesCon.

This year, I've scaled down to a family room suite (from last years lakeside, and the previous years presidential), but upped the overall sound system.

I'm also bringing upwards of 10 DJ's, with a ceiling of 16 DJ's, and splitting the whole thing with Biohazard.

In short, holy shit the room parties are gonna be nuts.

And the DJ's may even wear costumes, cept me, I'm just a jackass.

The technological mayhem that constitutes the Eastside Sessions spaceship, should be in attendance.

Oh yeah, and the door will be wide open, con badge gets ya in.


There are some pretty fucking cool people who will be in attendance, like these people: http://www.norwescon.org/

they ended the ballroom concert, which i was scheduled to promote/play/tear the roof off thursday night.

therefore, the 5th wing will rock in retribution.

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