2011-03-17 09:50:30 ET

2011-03-16 22:18:56 ET

friend comes over...
friend notices powerful sound system in studio @1am
friend pulls out laptop.
friend says "I can hook up to system my hulus? watch for bit?"
Me: *shrug* fuggit why not. *wires up shit laptop*
friend...plays glee at 2k watts.
Me: facepalm.

This = hilarious.
2011-03-16 21:45:07 ET

One of those nights.
2011-03-16 20:45:15 ET

right now I'm wishing I had somewhere to go (no merc tonight), or somebody who was like "hey come over", unfortunately most of my close friends all now live in cool places like Bangkok, San Francisco, Phoenix, South Beach, Vegas, etc. fuckers.

I need to get new crew or something.

Sat 3/19
2011-03-16 19:36:35 ET

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