friends and their oddities.
2011-03-03 13:49:20 ET

Have you ever had that whole get together with old friends, folks you haven't seen in ages, and had that WTF, who is this person moment?

I had that this morning, when I ran into an old...flame, and her girlfriend, and their dog, and heard the story about what the dog does at night to the girlfriend.

Considering my history, and what I've seen and done, I really shouldn't have had "the moment", but ya know what.

I totally like her better now.

2011-03-03 14:16:15 ET

Don't leave us hangin'. What does the dog do?

2011-03-03 14:26:05 ET

The girlfriend.

2011-03-03 16:19:26 ET


2011-03-03 16:45:07 ET

I know right :)
I guess they downgraded from girlfriends to just roommates shortly after I met up with them.

still, the roommate who can put up with the doghumper? yeah, that's uber roomie status right there.

2011-03-03 23:18:41 ET

was the roommate on sk?

2011-03-10 08:13:22 ET


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